DESIGN – Terracotta Warriors were Purple?

2,000 years ago the mighty emperor Qin unified what we now know as China. Since his tactics were, shall we say “harsh”, Qin wasn’t very well-liked. In an effort to protect himself in the after-life Qin commissioned a massive army to join him; some 8,000 UNIQUE warriors crafted in terra cotta (red clay). Each statue (be it a General, an archer or a cavalry man) was as unique as a snowflake with no two faces alike. Each statue was personally signed by the master craftsman who designed him. Due to the unstable lacquering process applied to the statues when they are unearthed, and exposed to the air, their lacquer shrinks, cracks and releases from the statue taking the paint color with it. Scientists in Germany have determined what the Warriors looked like and much to everyone’s surprise Han – or Chinese – Purple was their main color.