Your company needs to acquire talent and that isn’t what you do best.  Recruiting takes you away from your core competence and that incurs lost time and opportunity costs you cannot afford.  We find the leading Sales, Marketing, Product Development Executives and Brand Managers, as well as the most sought after Designers in the Toy Industry.  I refuse to state we “are the leading recruiting firm in the toy industry” because that is a qualitative statement and we prefer stating the facts like I am the only Professionally Certified Recruiter in the toy industry and our process and methods are different than our competitors and better suited to your needs as a hiring company.  I welcome you to learn about our methodology in the Our Process section and read and review some of our Case Studies to see how we may be of help to your company.

Featured Designer

In addition to our expertise in finding talented Sales, Marketing, Brand Managers and Product Developers, we also have the best FREELANCE TOY DESIGNERS in the industry.  See our Featured Designer to the right or click on the link below to review all of our available designers at

In addition to freelance designers we also represent the best professional INVENTORS in the toy industry.

Our sister site has some of the most unique PRODUCT CONCEPTS in the industry.  Let us know what kind of concepts you are looking for.

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Featured Jobs

VP of Sales

Who are you?  Are you one who seeks new opportunities and challenges or shrinks from them?  Are you confident in your decisions or do you tend to vacillate?  This position with an outstanding company seeks an individual who is a confident leader; someone who is straight-forward, decisive and strong.  This company is looking for someone who presents solutions at meetings, not problems.  The ideal candidate must have experience building a team as well as an organization around him/her and you should be able to move quickly because this company has a rocket ship trajectory forecasted for growth!  So if you are a real leader…a true leader…and not just someone who says the words then this position is for you.  While you need experience with top tier accounts like WalMart, Target, TRU and any other retailer of merit all of that is secondary to your ability to be a strong leader with excellent organization skills.

Director of Product

  • Product Development & Design
  • New Jersey
  • Posted 2 months ago

This is a very exciting position for both you and the company.  It’s exciting for the company because although they have been around for 30 years this is a new position for them born out of continued growth and success.  It’s doubly exciting for you because you will be able to mold the position around your talents!  Reporting directly to the President you will have a large swath of power and responsibility.  In fact, you could probably call this positon the Director of Development/Sourcing & Merchandise.  You will have the unique opportunity to decide the direction of the company by your product selection.  You will work closely with Asian factories on both product manufacturing and product sourcing.  You should be up to speed on pop culture and have a shining personality.  Be advised that formal resume review will start in September but you can submit your resume for pre review now.

Sales Manager

This is a new position with a well-established company – as such we are still ironing out the details but suffice to say you will be charged with handling all National Accounts.  More info to follow.

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