Your company needs to acquire talent and that isn’t what you do best.  Recruiting takes you away from your core competence and that incurs lost time and opportunity costs you cannot afford.  We find the leading Sales, Marketing, Product Development Executives and Brand Managers, as well as the most sought after Designers in the Toy Industry.  I refuse to state we “are the leading recruiting firm in the toy industry” because that is a qualitative statement and we prefer stating the facts like I am the only Professionally Certified Recruiter in the toy industry and our process and methods are different than our competitors and better suited to your needs as a hiring company.  I welcome you to learn about our methodology in the Our Process section and read and review some of our Case Studies to see how we may be of help to your company.

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In addition to our expertise in finding talented Sales, Marketing, Brand Managers and Product Developers, we also have the best FREELANCE TOY DESIGNERS in the industry.  See our Featured Designer to the right or click on the link below to review all of our available designers at

In addition to freelance designers we also represent the best professional INVENTORS in the toy industry.

Our sister site has some of the most unique PRODUCT CONCEPTS in the industry.  Let us know what kind of concepts you are looking for.

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Featured Jobs

Sales Director

What is the secret of happiness?  It’s doing what you love and loving what you do and it is doing it for a company that respects you.  Living in and raising your family in a beautiful place only adds to the quality of life.  My client is located in a place that is ranked as one of the Most Livable Cities in America, one of the Happiest Cities in America and one of the Best Places to Raise a Family.  If you live in New Jersey and move to where my client is located, your new house will cost you 35% LESS MONEY.  If you live in Manhattan, your housing will cost 75% LESS!  And no matter where you are coming from on the east coast, your utilities and groceries will cost you 25% LESS MONEY! But enough about this Garden of Eden you are about to relocate to (company will offset expenses) what about the company…could they be any good?  This company is exceptional!  The culture within the walls is laid-back but progressive.  There is no yelling allowed and team-work and respect for all employees is in the fabric of the company.  This company is anti-corporate.  You can wear jeans in the office and ties aren’t required (for men or women).   This well-established and profitable company is looking for a new sales leader…someone who has experience with the secondary and tertiary markets and who can sell and manage a large in-house sales staff. You will not be selling the big boxes or massive chains but rather everybody else (independents, etc). Apply now if you want the best feeling job of your career. NO ‘WORK FROM HOME’ ALLOWED – Candidate must agree to be relocated.

Executive Sales Director

  • Salary: $125,000 + Monster Commission
  • Austin, TX

This might be the fastest growing company with the hottest product in the toy industry. A well established company with a powerful hold on their product segment is looking for an Executive Sales Director to run the sales force and to SELL! This product is in 30 retailers including some majors but not yet in Wal-Mart or Target and so you should have top level connections at Wal Mart and Target and be able to get an appointment. In addition to selling, you will also manage and motivate the sales reps. This is an entrepreneurial company and you should have an entrepreneurial soul. The company President believes in those who believe in themselves and he likes CONFIDENT people. You have the potential to make up to half your salary in commission! So, if you are confident, don’t mind travel, and are prepared to be relocated to Austin, Texas then this opportunity is for you! Austin, Texas you say? Why that is the greatest city in the US!  I know, Austin is unreal. And yes, the company will assist in your relocation don’t worry. Be advised, the client REQUIRES Relocation – No ‘Work From Home’.’.

Product Integrity Manager

Product Integrity can be boring…wait, it is boring.  What isn’t boring is my client…they are arguably the best toy company in the industry.  Yup, you can only say that about ONE company and I say that about them.  You’ll work with an INCREDIBLE group of people who will treat you like family and have fun while you keep the product safe for kids.  5 years exp required and knowledge of ASTM , CPSIA, EN71, etc.  But forget about the job spec, call me and ask me about the company and the culture…that is what you’ll like most.  Ideal candidate should prefer Birkenstocks and a hockey jersey over a dress-shirt and tie-dye over a tie.