Your company needs to acquire talent and that isn’t what you do best.  Recruiting takes you away from your core competence and that incurs lost time and opportunity costs you cannot afford.  We find the leading Sales, Marketing, Product Development Executives and Brand Managers, as well as the most sought after Designers in the Toy Industry.  I refuse to state we “are the leading recruiting firm in the toy industry” because that is a qualitative statement and we prefer stating the facts like I am the only Professionally Certified Recruiter in the toy industry and our process and methods are different than our competitors and better suited to your needs as a hiring company.  I welcome you to learn about our methodology in the Our Process section and read and review some of our Case Studies to see how we may be of help to your company.

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Director of Engineering

  • Engineering/Quality
  • East Coast
  • Posted 2 months ago

This is a very rare opportunity.  One of the top companies in the toy industry has crafted a new position within their industry-leading, award-winning, market-changing company.  [Did I use enough accolades to describe the company?  No?  Okay, here is more.]  This company is unlike any other company you have likely worked at before.  This company is the Google of the toy industry [translated that means that they are the best and they do things other companies can’t do because they know how to pivot while others are stuck in the past unable to move quickly and adapt to market changes or buyer preferences].  Most exciting is that this company is going to allow you to help craft and design your position and scope of responsibilities…and bring in whatever resources (talent acquisition, etc.) necessary for you to achieve success.  Okay – enough about the greatness of the company, what do they want you to do?  You will be in charge of Engineering, Industrial Design and Product Integrity.  You will take a holistic approach to the PD process and establish the best practices necessary to achieve perfection (or as close as you can get) in the design and manufacturing process.  You will be the leader and your voice will be heard above all others.  This is a leadership role…you should know how to lead and delegate.  You should have a technical background (M.E./E.E. is required) and have a passion for the process of making toys.  Oh – and you must know the dress code is t-shirt and jeans, or hockey jersey and shorts…or sweat pants and a dive bar t-shirt or a snuggie…seriously.  Salary is open and based on experience.  Company will relocate.

Director of Product Development

Major Euro toy company is establishing a foothold in the US with a design office.  Be the first kid on the block to join the team and be “Employee #1”!  Must have artistic skills, ability to lead and manage (there will be more employees coming you know!) as well as experience working with Asian factories.  In short…just be great at what you do and the rest will follow.  Company will offer a relocation assistance package.

Account Sales Manager

Small but successful toy company is looking for someone to help manage the sales process/Customer Service and have experience working with Target, TRU, Wal-Mart and K-Mart.  Incredible boss and excellent working environment.