Your company needs to acquire talent and that isn’t what you do best.  Recruiting takes you away from your core competence and that incurs lost time and opportunity costs you cannot afford.  We find the leading Sales, Marketing, Product Development Executives and Brand Managers, as well as the most sought after Designers in the Toy Industry.  I refuse to state we “are the leading recruiting firm in the toy industry” because that is a qualitative statement and we prefer stating the facts like I am the only Professionally Certified Recruiter in the toy industry and our process and methods are different than our competitors and better suited to your needs as a hiring company.  I welcome you to learn about our methodology in the Our Process section and read and review some of our Case Studies to see how we may be of help to your company.

Featured Designer

In addition to our expertise in finding talented Sales, Marketing, Brand Managers and Product Developers, we also have the best FREELANCE TOY DESIGNERS in the industry.  See our Featured Designer to the right or click on the link below to review all of our available designers at

In addition to freelance designers we also represent the best professional INVENTORS in the toy industry.

Our sister site has some of the most unique PRODUCT CONCEPTS in the industry.  Let us know what kind of concepts you are looking for.

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Featured Jobs

Director of Operations

What would it be like to work at the millennial version of Hasbro?  Well, for one thing you will laugh and laugh and laugh.  You’ll have fun and feel hip but you can’t use the word hip because that is a baby boomer word however you can use the word Hipster because that is a millennial creation…but I digress.  A small bespoke company (one that is hoping to be the millennial version of Hasbro) is looking for someone with outstanding organizational skills to run Operations for a very fast moving product line. Obviously you should have experience with Sourcing, Logistics and have worked with freight forwarders and fulfillment centers and crap like that. More than anything you should be someone who wants to work in a fun environment.

Engineering Manager of Toy Creation

  • Engineering/Quality
  • East Coast

Is your current boss a jerk?  Well, your new boss isn’t…he is one of the good guys.  He isn’t a micro manager but that means you have to be a self-starter and self-sufficient.  Of course you have to be collaborative as well.  Your role is ESSENTIAL to the success of a line of award winning products and so your ability to be creative and imaginative in your ability solve design or manufacturing issues is key. This is a fun job…and exciting job and a fulfilling job where you are recognized for your importance to the product and the process.  You should be knowledgeable about injection molding and skilled in SolidWorks yada, yada, yada.  Most important is that you are excited to work for this company and that their vision is congruent with your vision.  Salary is UNLIMITED but hold your horses pardner…it’s based on experience and while your boss is a GREAT GUY he isn’t a fool…he will pay you better than you have been paid before but you have to show him your worth.

Product Manager

A small, fast-paced company is looking for one special person to add to their small but efficient team.  This is a jeans and t-shirt wearing kind of company where the owner has a good heart and he treats you right; no micro managing, no yelling. You’ll be managing product as well as a few employees.  A trip to Hong Kong is in order so make sure you passport is up to date.  This is a cool company and they are willing to take a chance on someone with as little as 2-3 years of experience so if you or someone you know wants to work for a wonderful person at a great company email David.

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